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The Misophonia Provider Network

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The Misophonia Provider Network was formed along with the International Misophonia Research Network (IMRN) in order to connect individuals to a cross-disciplinary network of researchers, counselors, care workers, and medical professionals. We try to ensure that the members associated with our Network understand misophonia from an interdisciplinary perspective, and have a working knowledge of the scope of misophonia research and clinical practice standards where applicable. Dr. Jennifer Jo Brout formed the IMRN in order to facilitate cross-disciplinary research in misophonia and conditions related to auditory over-responsivity. The IMRN connects sufferers and researchers to accurate and current information related to the disorder. The IMRN supports science that informs treatment and better practice standards for misophonia. The IMRN does not accept donations and instead facilitates research through crowd sourcing and other funding strategies. There are different kinds of clinicians who may offer support and help you or your loved ones with coping skills. We offer this directory as a free service to those who are affected by misophonia.

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